Dirt M.D.

Dirt M.D. TM– A next generation Humic Product

  • 4.5% Humic Acid & 2% Fulvic Acid Combination
  • Highly concentrated liquid, completely miscible in water, and cost effective
  • Increases yield and vigor through micronutrient uptake
  • NO Animal-based ingredients
  • NO Heavy Metals

Product Information:

Dirt M.D.TM is a liquid nutrient energizer powered by humic acid sourced from leonardite (oxidized lignite) and created by novel extraction process.  Used by farmers in India for over 30 years to get the most out of their nutrient regimen. The key to Dirt M.D.’s success and efficacy are its components:

  • Ammonium humates and fulvates
  • Proprietary organic nutrient complexes
  • 2 types of surfactants (anionic and ionic)
  • Plant Sugars

These components help make Dirt M.D.TM a great additive for foliar sprays in addition to being an integral part of any fertilizer program.

We recently launched a website dedicated to helping people understand: What is Dirt M.D. and its benefits? This website contains relevant information for all types – from urban gardeners to family farmers.

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Important: Always read and follow label before buying or using this product