About Us

Ocean Agro provides tools powered by nature that help growers achieve superior results and higher yields!

We as a company were founded in India in 1982 to provide sustainable solutions for farmers in India. We currently manufacture and sell our proprietary products in 25 of the 30 states of India. In 2011, we expanded our operations by starting a wholly owned subsidiary in California, USA to provide our market leading products to the U.S. grower.

Ocean Agro Trials in India on Castor Oil Plants ~ 1970

Our first product – Dirt M.D. – is a humic powered supplement that helps growers to get the most out of their fertilizer regimen by keeping nutrients localized, available and ready for uptake.

Currently, we are working on introduction of 2 new products into the market:

  1. KhushFul (3-0-8) – A specialty fertilizer based on plant extracts fortified with chemistry that will help vigorous growth on plants while providing stress relief through plant extracts.
  2. Mikro M.D. (6-0-0) – A silicon based fertilizer product that provides plant available silica in addition to other micro-nutrients to help strengthen plants.